kitty litter box covers cat litter boxes kittens litter boxes kitty litter box covers decorative kitty litter boxes unique litterboxes No Dogs Get In This Litter Box!! The unique design of The LitterHOUSE cat litter box prevents dogs from eating cat litter. Stop coprophagia permanently!! LitterHOUSE litter boxes help control the foul odor associated with your traditional cat litter box. The chimney charcoal filter works to diminish odors between regular litter box cleanings. LitterHOUSE chimney charcoal filters last up to six months. Order your refill charcoal filters here. Thousands of dogs die every year, due to eating cat litter. The litter turns "cement like" in their stomach and intestines. Lungs and inner organs can also be effected. The LitterHOUSE litter box design does not allow dogs to get their heads into the litter pan area